Andy Newman - Software Engineer

I am a software engineer with seven years' experience building high quality websites, creating fluid interfaces on the front end and solid APIs and services on the back end. I pride myself on being a technical polyglot - I am happy to take on any problem in any domain and take the time to learn the appropriate tools for the job.

On top of my technical skills I have had success with managing and delivering projects and have a passion for sharing my knowledge with others. I thrive in a collaborative agile environment and treat testing and software quality as a priority.

Core Skills

Currently learning more about

The App Business

Working closely with high profile clients to deliver quality software projects, both as an engineer and acting as a Tech Lead, in an agile environment. Highlights include:

Building retail insights dashboard building on client's data science platform.

React, Redux, TypeScript, .NET Core, Postgres, Kubernetes, D3

Lead performance diagnosis and resolution for client struggling to launch product.

Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Google Cloud Platform, TypeScript, Node, koa, Postgres

Build new features for major e-commerce front end, including leading change of search provider.

React, TypeScript, Redux, CSSModules, Cypress, jest

Lead development of integrated sales terminal for experimental concept store.

React, TypeScript, Redux, Node

Line management, developing junior colleagues and presentations and talks to the company on topics such as Serverless and Application Security.

Acturis Ltd

C#, MVC/WebForms, Oracle DB + PL/SQL, SOAP, AngularJS 1.x, React, Python, TypeScript, Subversion

Maintaining and extending over 100 high traffic websites using the Acturis Broker Platform; tracking down bugs and working with the business analysts to build new features.

Lead a push across the team to migrate JavaScript codebase to TypeScript. This lead directly to discovery and elimination of existing bugs and an increase in productivity.

Lead a project to convert legacy in memory session handling to persistent database method.

Trained junior colleagues - trained 3 new joiners to the team, coordinating their learning and teaching them the internal projects and general programming and engineering skills.

Expanding knowledge - held seminars to teach other team members how to use AngularJS, and gave talks to the team on other topics of personal interest to me including TypeScript, git and ES6.